Boutique Pickups is all about the pickups designed and built by Peter Florance in his tiny shop in Northeast Pennsylvania. His designs were highly sought after and used by many of your favorite guitar gods.

Peter left us way too young.

I was fortunate to be looking for work just when Peter was looking for help. We talked about pickup winding, with his warning that not everyone can do it. We gave it a shot, and at the end of the first day Peter said to me “Who knew you had this in you?” We were friends, and Peter shared so many of his stories with me. I was always hesitant to share them, because they were his stories. I was also hesitant to tell people I wound pickups for him, as most people thought he did them all himself.

I have Peter’s machines, jigs, tools, parts and recipes. Moreover, I have been trained by Peter to do things his way. I know his processes, and I helped him write down the recipes. I can make you a GREAT set of pickups for your guitar, just like Peter would if he were still with us.