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Welcome to all of you, whether you are fans of Peter Florance, friends, relatives, or whomever. Peter left us too early, too young, and with lots of unfinished business here. He left behind a loving wife and great kids, and took with him an unbelievable knowledge and irreplaceable skills as a guitar builder.
With his family’s approval we are starting to produce some of his designs, with proceeds intended to start a fund in Josh Florance’s memory. Josh was Peter’s youngest son who died tragically in a car accident, but was also a talented drummer whose future was very bright.
Peter was a true friend and I miss him terribly. I was lucky enough to need a job right when he needed some help and I learned at the master’s feet how to produce his recipes.
I don’t have the ears or the knowledge to continue on with most things Peter did, but I can make guitar pickups to his exacting standards. I have his machines, his tools, his parts.
If you are looking for the EXACT same pickups Peter would have had his name on, this is your new home.